Terri Clark

Aly King is about to fall for the fallen

My best friend, Des, and I totally freaked when we won the contest to meet THE Dakota Danvers in Hollywood. But now we're finding out he's SO not the angel everyone believes him to be. In fact, Dakota is the son of Satan, wreaking havoc on Hollywood and creating an evil army hellbent on world domination.

Lucky for us, Dakota's super-cute personal assistant, Jameson, is a fallen angel trying to get his wings back, and he's working undercover to squash his demon boss's plan. If Jameson hadn’t taken me under his wing I’d be in serious trouble, because I’m a total newb when it comes to conquering evil. But, truth be told, that sexy angel's got me all aflutter and may just be one temptation I can't resist.

May 8, 2012

ISBN-10: 0738719250
ISBN-13: 9780738719252
Also available as an e-book!

Rave Reviews

"A supernatural adventure and romance mixed with soul searching." ~Kirkus Reviews

“Hilarious, sweet, cute and adorable! Adorkable characters with a sidekick who totally rocked. Add in a sweet romance and a mystery to uncover and you have Hollyweird!! Hollyweird is the perfect summer read, light and fun with everything there to entertain you for a few hours!” ~Bewitched Bookworms

“Hollyweird is one of the most entertaining books I have ever read. I laughed throughout the whole book- and the hysterical one-liners kept me thoroughly entertained.” ~Beth Duncan, Tween Tribune

“The story was light-hearted, hilarious, and never takes itself too seriously.” ~ Muses Circle

"Hollyweird is the antidote for readers who are sick of the same old, same old in the paranormal genre...There were moments when I found myself audibly guffawing, and I don't audibly guffaw--and even more rarely do I find myself chortling aloud while reading a 'girl' book because, if we're being totally honest, it's not often that girls paint themselves into the hilarious scenarios that young men so frequently do...The story is COMPLETELY and delightfully irreverent, poking fun at some of the Hollywood's most notorious stars and peccadilloes." ~Jodeana Kruse/International Reading Association


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