Terri Clark

Wednesday, Oct. 1 2014
6:30-7:30 PM
I'll be presenting my Beyond Skin Deep workshop at the Davies Library. Check out this FREE event!
Tuesday, Oct. 7 2014
6:00-7:00 PM
I'll be presenting my Hook, Line & Stinker workshop at the Kelver Library. Check out this FREE event!
Wednesday, Oct. 15 2014
4:00-5:00 PM
I'll be presenting a new workshop for teens entitled: I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own. If your tale touches upon monsters, moons, or mind control this speculative fiction workshop is for you. Check out this free class at the Kelver Library.
Tuesday, June 24, 2014
2-4 PM
I'll be presenting my Hook, Line & Stinker workshop at the Louisville Library. Check out this FREE event!
Tuesday, June 3, 2014
2-4 PM
I'll be presenting my Beyond Skin Deep workshop at the Louisville Library. Check out this FREE event!
Friday, April 25-Sunday, April 27 Pikes Peak Writers Conference - I'll be attending this amazing writers conference strictly as a writer, but if you see me please say "hey!"
Saturday, April 5, 2014 Colorado Teen Lit Conference - Join me at this fantastic conference where I'll be doing my Beyond Skin Deep workshop for teens only
Friday, March 14, 2014 I'll be visiting Ms. Butler's Creative Writing class at Legacy High School
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Aspen Creek K8 asked me to be a speaker for their Read-a-thon week!

Speaker Info

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From Page to Publication - Learn about the many stages a manuscript goes through before it hits the shelves as a book. From revisions to copy edits, sales meetings to printing and distribution, young adult author, Terri Clark, will share her experience in bringing her book, Sleepless (HarperTeen), From Page to Publication. Examples of real documents will demonstrate each step and she'll happily answer questions to help you navigate the publishing process. (TEEN and ADULT program)

Beyond Skin Deep: Creating 3 Dimensional Characters - This fun, interactive workshop for teen writers will help them gain a deeper understanding of their characters. Terri talks about the basic skeleton of building a character, the special details that make your hero memorable, the importance of goals, motivation and conflict, your character's voice and how to get deep into his internal thoughts. Teens should attend with a main character in mind and Terri will help them flesh out the star of their story. (TEEN and ADULT program)

Hook, Line & Stinker – A hook is both a “high concept” idea to sell your story and a riveting line to pull your reader further into your tale. Using real examples from published books, Terri demonstrates the necessity for maintaining your readers’ interest throughout, because only a stinker would give them a reason to put down your book. Terri will share info from industry professionals on what hooks sell and she’ll help you find the weak spots in your manuscript so you can go from stale to sharp and make your book impossible to put down. (TEEN and ADULT program)

Tapping into your Inner Teen aka Writing for Young Adults - We're in a new golden age for young adult fiction. If you've wanted to tap into your inner teen and write a YA novel, this program is for you. Young adult author and teen librarian, Terri Clark, will define what makes a young adult novel, explain how teen fiction has changed over the years, help you discover your teen voice, introduce you to the market and highlight bestsellers and current trends. (ADULT program)

Whether for teens or adults, classrooms or libraries, Terri is happy to do Skype visits, participate in online or in-person workshops and conferences, sit in on panel discussions, visit writers clubs and book clubs, do readings, take part in book signings and speak to AVID or GT groups. She’s also open to speaking on suggested topics if you have something specific in mind.


"Warm, authentic, and funny, Terri Clark connected immediately with my students. The pace and depth of her BEYOND SKIN DEEP presentation was perfect for my creative writing class, composed mostly of high school seniors. In addition to engaging students with thought-provoking questions and relatable examples, Terri provided specific strategies for students, which they were able to use right away in their writing. My students described her visit as, 'inspiring,' 'magical,' 'helpful,' and just plain, 'awesome.' High praise from teenagers, and she certainly earned it. I will definitely be asking Terri back next semester." -Mary Butler, Legacy High School, Broomfield, Colo.

"I was very impressed with Terri's engaging presentation on fictional character development (BEYOND SKIN DEEP), and, especially with the way she naturally interacted with the audience of middle school students. The students loved Terri, and so did I! I told her I wished that she had been one of my Language Arts teachers because I learned so much from her in just one hour. Her visual examples from current stories and movies, and her insightful responses to students' questions kept every member of the audience interested and "leaning into" Terri as she shared strategies for making characters come alive. She also helped students process through the many decisions an author considers so a story does not suffer from "sagging in the middle." I would highly recommend having Terri work with your students on their fictional writing skills and strategies - you won't be disappointed. She had an instant rapport with the students and used language that middle schoolers related to extremely well. She is a delightful presenter - very organized, professional, personable, and a talented author of five young adult novels." --Becky Nelsen, Former teacher, instructional coach, and elementary school principal

"Terri Clark is an engaging, honest, funny and knowledgeable speaker. She knows the pitfalls of publishing, the excitement of editing, the joy of finding just the right phrase, and how to help a new writer find his or her voice." --Kris Chipps, Arapahoe Library District

"Terri's FROM PAGE TO PUBLICATION presentation was a comprehensive introduction to the publishing world and the author's life. Terri shares her road to publication with real contracts, drafts, and stories of success. She is personable and well-prepared; a wonderful presenter and enjoyable author. We want to have her back!" --Hillary Dodge, Clearview Library District

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