Terri Clark

THE 411

Birthplace: Wheatridge, Colorado

Birthdate: July 14

College: University of Northern Colorado

Degree: B.A. in Psychology

Hobbies: Crocheting, beading, photography and collecting fairies and fairy art.

Day job: Teen Patron Services Specialist (I'm basically a librarian without a MLS degree).

Fave TV shows: Supernatural, Survivor, Lost Girl, Hart of Dixie, Face Off, Castle.


There are two things about me that have never changed. I've always been a bookworm and I've always been fascinated with the unexplained. One of my earliest memories is checking out "true" ghost stories in kindergarten. I still remember the creepy tale involved a severed hand and an heirloom ring. When we moved from Alaska to Kentucky (I was an Army brat) I became interested in the malicious Bell Witch. After that my obsession widened from ghosts to psychics and then to anything fang, fur or fey. Iím not sure WHY I've always been drawn to supernatural stories, but I think there's more to this world than meets the eye. I guess that's why I write the stories I do. Even when I don't write paranormals I try to write characters who are a little, um, different. After all, normal is a bit boring, isn't it?

In high school—the 80's RULE!—I would lock myself in the bathroom to read. Why? During the Colorado winters, it was the warmest room in the house and it was the only place I could have complete privacy. (My bedroom didn't have a lock.) I would read in there for hours, or until my boyfriend came to pick me up for a date. My little sister always delighted in telling him I was in the bathroom A-GAIN. Now, as a writer, I hope my stories will make you want to lock yourself away and

anything is possible. . . .

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