Terri Clark
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Anthology with Niki Burnham, Ellen Hopkins and Lynda Sandoval.

My story is entitled Don't Mind Me

Ever wanted to read your boyfriend’s mind? Be careful what you wish for.… Dee Delaney, or Dark Dee as she’s called because of her Goth persona, is shocked and delighted when Rick, the school's hottest jock, asks her out over the summer. On the night she intends to give him her virginity she wishes she knew what he was thinking. Then—BAM!—they get into a car crash and Dee walks away with the ability to hear people's thoughts, including those of her conniving, manipulative, low-down snake of a boyfriend. Now Dee's learning the hard way that everyone, no matter how they're labeled, has the same basic insecurities and fears and our self-perception versus public perception are often very different.

Houghton Mifflin
May 5, 2008

ISBN-10: 0547014996
ISBN-13: 978-0547014999

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Rave Reviews

"Although the focus is breakups, each (story) leaves protagonists and readers with the hope of a new and better relationship to come...Often frankly sexy and peppered with teen-friendly references (hip slang, IM conversations), this box of candy for the lovelorn satisfies."

"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do is the perfect short story collection to read about, well, breaking up...I definitely recommend getting this book as soon as it comes out. It's awesome."

"The writing is straightforward and perceptive, from Clark's funny and fast paced style to Hopkins's beautiful and striking poems. This is one book that holds a powerful message between its two covers: heartbreak happens, and along with it is something better if you can let go and continue to move forward."
The Compulsive Reader

"Terri's story is an extremely hilarious paranormal story that has a very awesome girl power message...A wonderful anthology from four unbelievably great authors, and one that everyone should read."
Book Chic

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